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Blog 11: From Manifesting to Existing

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The concept of manifesting came up today, and, of course, the word itself has been flying around for decades, with all its different techniques … but today, this word felt very strange. It felt foreign and quite ridiculous. I was thinking how we could have even conjured such a distorted concept?! These types of thoughts always surprise me because yesterday, I saw no issues with the word … and today “Supplies!!! It’s a new day, a new you!” So, take this within that context of varying days, varying personal understandings, varying distortions.

As such, on this day, I understood the concept of manifesting from my past to the newly-present perception, as that part of me that thought of itself as separate … applying a technique that connected me to the field, to then generate an electromagnetic signal to attract desires, in a non-expectant way, of course. From that view, it turned into such a ridiculous model to quickly be replaced with the concept of existence. Because, you can’t possibly be an isolated thing, connecting to the field only on some issues - whatever you can possibly linearize - and play only in one (or few) domains. The “problem” with “connecting to the field”, in the first place, is that you are connected to the field! All the time. You can’t be disconnected. It’s only a matter of how aware you are of that connection - at any given time. You are existing at all times with … IT, and communication is happening at all times. One can’t separate manifesting from existing. Manifesting, however, still implies (I assume) an active, deliberate intent applied over a certain increment of time, and “now” that time is relative. This concept doesn’t quite hold up to what it used to be. That increment of time is now, NOW - as the infinite - outside of time; and so, all of a sudden, manifesting feels very limiting, constricting.

As a very interesting side note, Osho’s Tarot deck uses the word “Existence” for the major arcana number I, where traditionally, this card is the Magician or Magus. Again, I knew about this concept - it still made sense to me, conceptually - but it turns out, I didn’t quite get it in its larger context. It felt like a whole new discovery that came to me on its own … to then laugh when I remembered the card. The Magician stands for the ability to channel the universal force into the physical existence … manifestation. The huge distinction in interpretation is from what point of view is the understanding of the number 1. When we view the 1 as a separate, beginning number, we feel the full identity, the full responsibility too - the beginning from the start. When we understand that the 1 - as morphed out of the 0 (the ALL ONE field) as an individual form that still retains its origins, the whole potential, even when starting on a brand new journey, takes on a different flavor. So the card reworded as Existence, being expressed as individuality, as specifics, as particular it does so from the I AM - because it still knows itself. Automatically, there’s no more expectation, there’s no struggle, and technique is no longer necessary. The process itself can simply become …whatever, allowing yourself to be inspired, instead, and simply flowing with certain currents and feelings. Whenever you have to rely on a step-by-step process, it’s a good indication that the understanding is still working its way through the mental and the process of becoming a habit … but it’s not embodied yet.

I got to experience the concept of existing as flows of energy - like rivers in the ocean. I could sort of distinguish the rivers but not separate them. I can describe what was noticeable to me, as an all-at-once type experience and hope it can help “catapult” you in that imaginary world, bypassing a linear technique. Imagine the flavors of this state:

  • Allowing - yes, there’s that but in this state, understand it as a surrender to the direction of the flow. It’s not passive. You allow the grander flow by releasing your control of the river’s direction. And this is a lot easier to do when you get a taste of how fun it can really be. Think of it as you simply allow it to take you places you haven’t been before.

  • Inspirational - there’s awareness of what’s available (to whatever extent). We don’t have “influence” over the field, per se; it’s more like inspiration is feeding your soul as your vibration matches it. There’s a great pleasure that feeds that communication, and yes, it is a type of higher communication. It’s a collaboration, even, between what’s available and your “arousal” to what you meet. I use the word arousal because it is a very strong awakening to passion - a lust - that sometimes takes over the fire in the body and can feel like a physical arousal. You feel so inspired, excited, and playful.

  • Giving-and-receiving - there’s that and it must be that for harmony to exist. We often think that manifesting, somehow, is “free” and we “deserve” it - as seen from a basic 3D perspective. See how funny all that is now? Your gift to IT (let’s say) is the active emanation of joy and gratitude - it’s an instant celebration of the recognition of the process itself. It’s not something that you have to remember to do - “Oh, and now, I need to invoke gratitude in the heart to fuel the engine” - No! It’s just something that happens because you’re SO inspired, and you cannot BUT emanate gratitude for IT. If you don’t pay close enough attention, you can easily miss that it’s a constant give-and-take. It snowballs around, taking into consideration your reaction and spontaneity and intent and karma and others’ intent and … whatever else, and keeps adjusting direction and momentum. If the joy/recognition/gratitude is not present (or fake), that momentum is not in harmonious balance with the Unity Equation. And if it’s not at the frequency level of that consciousness, you can say, it drops from that “space” into something that resonates with the type of equation it’s become - like the 3D realm. There, duality takes care of it; and it will happily swing it from one end to the other.

  • Making Art - view it as a process of making things (happen) for the joy of it. And the key here is for the joy of it. When we make Art from joy, we don’t make it from need, which is lack. We simply make it to have fun, expand, create … play. Some view art as a luxury, and I certainly do too, but it has nothing to do with how rich you are or aren’t. It’s more so, an expanded state of feeling luxurious within time and space and beauty and the gift of choice. It’s spontaneous, creational freedom.

I hope you see, how I’m talking about only one thing … it’s THAT over and over again. And we can continue splitting hairs - it’s fun, for sure - but it’s a lot more fun being it than speaking it. Everyone needs to explore it on their own, and the less defined, the better. For me, the catalyst of this process really seems to be the pleasure that emanates from the interaction. It’s the pleasure of creation, which is quite intermixed with sexual energy - so foundational to our existence :). Wow, that just came out! And there it is! You know when you completed exploring a concept as you come full circle. So what does that even mean? That Existence is being redefined at the Unity Consciousness level - from raw, sexual energy, as in reproducing and physical survival, to … Art, maybe? It seems it’s a whole new world out there! In other words, foundationally, our existence is being redefined from survival to luxury?! Can we even take it in? I can understand how uncomfortable this can feel. How new and totally unknown and so surprising. Unimaginable! I can see how we can’t even see it. Because it’s too good to be true. Because we’re still busy working on deserving it. We’re still working “for it” and some are at it hard! BUT that’s the mother of illusions. You are existing (as you’re alive) within existence. That’s all! That’s all the proof you need to move on and be in it! Now enjoy! Go get the others, have a party, chat about the flavors and the sounds and the colors and the media - what kind of “Art” do you prefer? What’s going to be your next project that’s filling you up with so much passion that’s ready to spill over? What’s going to be the project that will redefine your existence, within existence?

The focus is not even “you” anymore! I almost want to say ignore all that’s coming up for you, as a singular body (or persona) as that will resolve itself if you could only integrate into the projects that Existence is active within. We’re no longer involved in any personal issues. Breaking free from that and leaping into pleasure and luxury is probably the scariest thing - if it’s even imaginable. The unfolding of it will be sweet - that I know - and everything else will be an experience we’ll take together.

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