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A quick note about me

I believe that the calling has become loud enough for those sensitive to feel the need to make a choice. For some, you could even say, it's become unbearable to stay put. You know when the time is ripe to actually take charge. No worries, it will be the perfect time.

I have come to believe that I'm part of a big wave of people, going through massive transmutations and upgrades in perception on a, sometimes, weekly basis. I feel the collective, I feel what the wave is going through. If there's anything I'd like you to take away from visiting my site is this:

      You are not alone, by far. And these changes are not personal to you, although you have personal choices to make, indeed. 

     When in doubt, surrender to the INNATE - we are all there with you.

My Story

I live in the mountains of Colorado with my family: 2 spunky children, a supportive husband, the softest dog, 3 poison dart frogs, and 4 fish (and too many plants). My day is quite serene - most of the time - which allows me to be in tune with nature’s cycles and the energetic waves of the collective. It didn't use to be like this; it happened one discovery after the next, over 20 years (it feels, I’ve completed several lifetimes of growth, though).


Around 18 years old, I picked up 2 books by Shakti Gawain at a garage sale and that was my introduction to meditation and my interest in different states of mind. Once I became comfortable within that space, a few years later, a “random” lady at the county fair did Reiki on me - I don’t even remember the whole story. I just knew, my mind was blown and my twenties were busy pursuing energy work all the way to master level. Despite my strong curiosity, it stayed as a hobby within my “out-there” circle of people. Also in my late teens, I realized I didn't understand people and knew I didn’t want to “deal” with their unpredictability. A few more stories later, I found much more structure in Mechanical Engineering. I worked in that field, in various functions, for about 16 years but not too far into my career, it turned out, it’s all about working with people. It felt a bit like a trap without an outward solution - as I’ve tried a good amount of methods - and the only thing left, seemingly, was going within myself. I started working with a life coach - a pivotal point in my perceptual development. I started to heal on a mental and emotional level, which provided the much-needed balance to the energy work I was also doing. He also introduced me to Tarot in a way that made sense, which was a 3D representation of the Tree of Life, a map of consciousness. Soon after, people around me started to take on their symbolic archetype and I viewed everything and everyone as a dance of positive and negative attributes - a non-personal interaction of strengths and weaknesses. Now my environment started to make sense. It even became fascinating to see how people reacted in all kinds of situations, including myself. From here, my metaphysical interests continued to evolve into deeper studying, disciplined meditations, breathwork, diets … and I would try everything that would cross my path. 


The Covid lockdowns represented another pivotal point for me - I had 4 weeks of rest at home. Big energetic leaps within happened during that time, so much so, that going back to work became unbearable. I lasted another year before I had to quit my job. A new aeon was starting but little did I know the journey that was awaiting right before. The amount of energy moving through my system was too much for my cortisol-addicted body. I quickly spiraled into a spiritual transmutation pattern, complete with a juicy dark night of the soul, the loss of the concept of time, one identity crisis after the next, and I finally made it to the other side, kicking and screaming, about 2 years later. What helped the most with integration was writing it all out. I’m planning to publish the story of that unfolding and hopefully, serve someone else during intense times.

I started to become very sensitive to energy. I quickly realized that whatever was happening within me, was happening to many others. I was sensing the emotional waves - especially those of grief, sorrow, and fear -  and started doing work with the collective. I also started working as a Reiki practitioner around town. As I was changing - about every 3 months - so did my practice, and so did the clients, and so did my skills. With every turn of the spiral, I wanted deeper challenges, more intensity in the work. I became really interested in the idea of miracles and the magical state that comes with it. 


These days, I see and sense energy, and with that openness, I am in awe a lot. I see the changes taking place within people, within their consciousness and I celebrate their beauty and strength and power and unconditional love. Indeed miracles, all around. I continue to explore ideas and emotions, energy flow and structures, with whomever is willing to take a journey with me. It’s been quite the ride already and I know, the big adventure just started. 

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