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Bloom is a 3-part course for those ready to step into their greater purpose.

  • Part 1 - UpRooting

    • A 16 week mentorship with alternating weekly courses and discussions

    • The courses are a mix of education, daily plans creations and meditations

    • The discussion groups are clarifications /confirmation spaces, support and collaboration for each other

    • We might choose, every so often, to replace the discussions with energy healings or full guided meditations

  • Part 2 - Stabilizing​

    • An 8 week deepening of the material covered in Part 1 with intense focus of creating changes in thinking patterns and emotional responses​

    • We step more and more into an observer perspective in this course

    • The worldly experience becomes impersonal 

  • Part 3 - Integrating

    • This is a weekly group-guided discussion where we address observations and tweak understandings​

    • The mental conceptual understandings are being applied in daily life in the interaction with others

    • The understandings will be reflected in the behavior, as an experience

    • Expect major nervous system upgrades

    • This coaching group access is available in 4 week increments, as a plan

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