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Beyond Orion Energy

Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk.
                                                                            - Rumi

Do you believe in Miracles?

Mmm ... hm! I just can't get enough of that awe! So yes, I do; however, it is no longer from faith, from trust; it no longer feels like a leap of faith because, it seems, I have no other choice. No, it's a Knowing! And this Knowing is from the NOW - unattached to the outcome of the next moment. It must be so. And if you are willing to come there, you'll see for yourself. We will see each other, and we'll just giggle ... drunk on Love.

And it will be enough because it is the All. The All in that moment.

We'll be a stardust speckle. Aware!

Welcome to Your Healing Journey!
             ... as a Self-Discovery Process 

My name is Anca Kuns - I'm so honored to have you visit! 

I view the process of healing as a coming into a heightened clarity of Truth. The work or effort is, therefore, placed into the dismantling of perceptions that are not Truth so we can be mesmerized by the intelligent order and the just-right details of the unfolding of ourselves back into Oneness. The journey is the miracle, the beauty, the constant awe-stricken pivotal moments. Of course, from a personal perspective, it only starts to take on that flavor after the New Day breaks but hopefully, I can convince you of my knowing and holding of that space for you, until you see it for yourself. There is a much larger peace available that no longer requires an either-or type judgment. It is not conditional, either. It’s a freedom we’re learning to embody and wrap our minds around, as indeed, it’s bigger than anything else we’ve experienced. And another beautiful aspect - we’re part of the same journey.

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My Work 

I work with individuals ready for a deep healing experience and a rapid shift in perception. My gifts of seeing energy and intuitively understanding states of consciousness allows for a fast paced journeying through acceptance, transmutation and integration ... as fast as one can stabilize the new energy. 

I offer sessions in-person or remote, and pricing can vary as per situation.

Please remember, the power and choices are always within you - all my offerings are alternative practices and not to meant to diagnose or provide medical treatment. Your knowing and intuition is always first!

Reiki Healing Sessions (Individual or Group, In-person or Online)

These sessions provide balance, perspective and a boost, whenever needed. For someone deep into their commitment towards Self-growth, these sessions, once in a while, are just right. Or, they can serve as an exploration - does this stuff even work?

When the commitment arises, I can put together individual plans to facilitate transformations and/or emergences per depth of interest, and capacity.

Discussion Circles 

Awareness is the strongest and sharpest skill we need to master at this time, to facilitate our own guidance into healing and growth. At these circles, the theme is always about awareness - one way or another - as us, our own teachers and students. Try it out and see if this is your jam or not.

Spiritual Office Hours

I feel, this is more so directed to those (maybe in strong procedure driven professions) that feel very squeezed between what they perceive (what they are starting to understand about reality) and how they have to behave and who they have to be, in order to be accepted. This puts a very high degree of pressure ... on everything, but very noticeably on the nervous system. If you don't have anyone to talk to but you don't want to commit to spiritual coaching or a program .... you simply want some time with a neutral party - these hours are for you.

These are donations based. Please note, I'm not a substitute for licensed mental health provider, I've just been in spirituality since 18 and have been through stuff of my own. 

The Mystic In Me - Writing and YouTube Videos

I'm realizing how much of a Mystic I am - and probably so are you. A lot of my observations about Reality, come from my own inner observations, contemplations and discoveries. Even if I have read them somewhere before, when I come across universal Truths, it feels I've just discovered something new for the very first time. Of course, it's been all discovered before but now, I can claim that experience as true (for me).

A lot of writing, my blogs, are about these discoveries, as well as the YouTube videos. That body of work, for me, sort of symbolizes my resume in this space.

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I'm located in Conifer, CO

(734) 652-9363

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