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Blog 16: The Idea Of The Partner Within Higher Consciousness

It seems the more one comes into alignment with his/her authenticity and a certain level of expansion is reached, the idea of relationship is no longer what it once used to represent. This holds true for everything as growth happens, but at this turn, without this clarity, the game of relationships - committed partners, marriages, lovers - can become a major misunderstanding. A game stopper. 

So what do I mean exactly? This new “game” we are entering, within a much greater space, is no longer between 2 people - their commitment, their ideals, their world; no! Because the alignment, in at least one of the two, has expanded so far, the relationship is between the two AND Life itself - the Cosmos and the Planet. The way one feels, the way one desires, the way one wants to be seen, the way one sees the other and the way one supports and responds to the other, is no longer from the magnetism of their misalignment. The major milestone we have arrived at, is than when one is authentic, their loyalty it to their soul, their expansion, the love for Spirit and no longer a slave to the pulls and pushes of the other. These relationships are in a freedom never before experienced and we don’t know how to handle that. We miss-read it as “not love”. But it’s higher love, it’s higher trust, it’s higher compassion. So in the absence of jealousy, control, attachment, dependency, and so on, we’re lost a bit. The side rails have been lifted, or better yet, we moved within a bandwidth where side rails can’t exist -  the space of exploration is much grander, now what? 

In the old times, when 2 people, grossly miss-aligned to their souls, got together and fell madly in love, it was mostly because of their imbalances (distortions, traumas) … which fit together like a glove. One took the role of the abuser, the other, the victim. (Think the archetypical narcissist-empath relationship). The electro-magnetic bond between these imbalances was so strong that a total independent field developed, creating their relationship. This field was strong enough to be self-sufficient and sort of immune to the cosmic flow of life, or any other influences. It was its own world. A closed loop. It would take years for any of them to realize that it wasn’t in Truth  - on a higher plane, it wasn’t real, it was a lie! Until … one of them began to heal and started walking consistently on the empowerment path, that problems within the relationship would surface. The magnetic bonds no longer matched perfectly. Still, the other person would serve as the mirror. It was the reflection, a sort of road map showing which way the one should focus the healing within. We finally started to get this game, as a collective. We all started to heal more and more. Old relationships fell apart, new ones formed - on a higher consciousness plane, between conscious people… or not, but overall, we learned the mechanics of the game in detailed enough chunks to navigate it pretty effectively (at least, at times).

Once that expansion clicks within the body and gets routed into the grid of the Earth and one walks as that within this space-time,  it seems, we have arrived at a new level within this idea of partner relationships. A definite more complex one. When one embodies enough authenticity in their body, the expansion is huge, and experiencing life, is at a much grander scale. That once “closed loop” is now being directed through the divine, through the cosmos, through the planet and through every relationship. The attention is not so much “loyal” to the one partner anymore, but more so to this divine… the expansion toward the Lover. Now, life - in general - is living through you and your experience is Its experience, too. And yes, it was that before, but it was boring then, because you were asleep. It would take many iterations …  lifetimes to get you aligned for a bit. Now you’re awake, alert, ready to receive and the excitement within Spirit is building. So now, in a way, you have fewer choices of your own making. “You” as whatever your name that was given to you at birth, with this personality, living in this specific city, born into this family … and maybe now, with a family you call your own and so on … When this You is being presented with a choice … there isn’t a real choice. You either chose alignment or something that’s off … at various degrees. The irony is, even if you chose the second option (the one that’s a bit off), this choice is only a detour with a little delay before you’re back (forced or gently nudged) into that alignment. So … to me, this body/personality/You, once awake and alert, it doesn’t truly have a real choice. It’s just aligned to the soul. One path!

So then, when two people that are in alignment with their soul enter a relationship, they don’t really live for each other, they don’t need each other, they don’t even love each other per se. They just live and love and they happen to do it together. Now, the new problems arise when this “together” doesn’t happen at the same time - and my guess is, at this beginning, it won’t. These relationships, in a way, switch from the partners being each others mirrors to being each others activators. We’re becoming more and more independent from each other, we’re free-standing in our own power the more our love grows stronger for the divine, for the love of Life. And yet, within that “people” separation (maybe body identity separation), we can dive deeper into the unity of all that is. When 2 of such people come together, it is to manifest or bring into physicality an inner experience that’s been already worked through and assimilated. If one of the partner doesn’t have that experience, it is being activated by the other one. Because we’re done with blockages, and peeling the onion and working through cleaning and letting go … layer by layer,  making room, constantly clearing and healing - that was a process of subtraction, lets call it. Now, that the field that kept a relationship separate from Life is gone, and the new space is vast - we’ve moved into building and adding experiences and ideas and concepts. The other no longer has the role of being your reflector but he/she will activate you and gently force you into growth :). We moved from being triggered into being activated. Same purpose, different mechanism.  Sometimes, this activation can feel like a gentle nudge, and sometimes it feels forceful because you’re still integrating through your unique make-up and whatever concepts, ideologies and blockages are still present. The one thing we’re having a big issue with as we move through activations is the constant newness - the fear of the unknown, the expansion into something that you can’t see within. You’re moving at light speed ahead, not having a clue where you’re going, who you are, what’s going to happen - to you to the “us” concept. It can be terrifying. 

Relationships between conscious people no longer fit the expectations or definitions of what a relationship “should be”. It might also not fit into an acceptable social norm. It’s a complete tower to the mind and to the emotional complexes associated with these ideal definitions previously held. There is no more standard, no more general ideal - if there is, it’s completely fluid. It only is there for a bit, until it moves on to the next thing. The new definitions serve as a container for the new concepts and orientations to ground, then they’ll get massaged into the next one… and the next one … When Spirit moves through you freely, it doesn’t care what your ego (or what’s left of it) thinks or how much you struggle with certain concepts. It wants what it wants and it will move through. The healing (or recovery) is also different because, once the emotions of loss have been processed, what’s left is more greater alignment to the soul. And so, unless you operate from memory (past occurrences that now have created certain expectations), it will be a landing on your 2 feet that creates a propelling into the next continuous growth ahead. Full acceptance and operating in the Now seem to be critical.

It’s a bit of a mind bend to get used to, as we’re the most independent, singular-standing (in any relationship), yet in the deepest Union with What Is, as ever before. And so, from this place, we can only serve - us and each other. It’s weird. A complete change. We are each other's mother, father, inner child, outer monster, priest, whore, servant, tyrant … we’re just taking on whatever puppet role is needed for a short while until the integration happens. Maybe we’ll be each others’ support for a little while, too,  the peace within the eye of the storm … but it’s always whatever the circumstance calls for. To our sanity, comes the clarity that the roles we play are just that - a role and that it has no effect on who we are or are becoming. We dropped the judgment! And now, the playing field is way open. When a certain circumstance calls for our specific support, that’s what or who we play so that life only expands through us … at a higher and faster rate. It’s just more of Life happening and we can’t take it personally.

Welcome to the second half of 2024. Godspeed to all of us!


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