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Blog 5: It’s all the same thing

I feel spirit laughing sometimes at the notion that it’s all the same thing, but that we can’t seem to grasp it. The vast, imaginary world of possibilities and the 3D, material world - all the same! We’re free to do and be whatever, yet we agree - or better- self-impose limits and imaginary boundaries! This is the feeling I got from the last meditation. It wasn’t a deep one. It felt, I never went beyond the body to perceive the higher understanding. I probably didn't need to. It’s an exploration of the idea that there is no veil, that we can perceive both worlds at the same time. We don’t have to travel deep in alpha or theta within our subconscious to be with God. Just switch it on, now, and there you have it!

It seemed more doable and realistic in meditation. Once I come out and fully ground, most of these epiphanies seem non-original or even boring, being repeated so much, by so many. It’s so different when you get to experience them, though; it’s a grand thing, a big day. It also stays with you as an integral part. Sometimes sharing it out loud diminishes the experience, as well.

Another thought on why I have trouble seeing this “it’s all the same”, is that this perspective is from spirit’s side. If I try to understand this with the mind alone, it doesn’t go very far till it reaches the impossible. I keep going back to the Do-er - if we’re aware of it or not - “I” am not doing anything. The “I” that I’ve identified with, is simply the mind that thinks it’s someone doing something of importance because it can. It’s smart enough to analyze, to put things together, to describe and observe, and I, together with many more, confuse that seeing with it’s me creating, solving problems, doing stuff, saying stuff and so on. Now we know, the brain is a transducer, so if the thoughts come from outside of the body, who is controlling those thoughts? It can’t be “me” then, because the I that I identity with, is the body itself. So, it makes sense, now, that the body is like a remote controlled gadget that’s smart enough to analyze and understand, and arrogant enough to think it's doing everything. Spirit, being selfless, is not concerned, nor gets tangled up in this arrogance - it sees beyond it and can simply say “it’s all the same”.

It feels I’m at the end of the road. There is no desire or outlook of where to go from here. I do find comfort in the story of Buddha - he came to a point in his work where he did everything he could, or knew to do, and there was nothing left. He “gave up”/surrendered, and that night, he became enlightened. I also came to think that there are many levels of enlightenment. It doesn’t have to be the ultimate level possible within this technology - lets say - but whatever threshold it’s trying to be transcended. I just have to trust spirit for now that it’s all the same, indeed, until this realization is integrated. And I’m not sure I can do anything to integrate it.

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