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2022 - The New Year as Seen Through the Tarot

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Just a few hours into the New Year - 2022 - I had a very powerful experience while meditating. It left me with the feeling that this year is very different from any New Year felt before. The vision and knowing that came in, was that I needed to leave everything that I know behind. The constructs, identifications, and beliefs that I’ve put together or bought into in the past, no longer work for the future. I must keep open, to be in a curious mindset - as a child, to be able to navigate and “operate” in this new space. This message gave me a very positive and eager outlook but just for a few days. After that, I started to understand: no really, everything I know, I must let go of… as an absolute. Reality needs to be fluid now! It wasn’t a metaphor, but it’s meant literally - my life as I know it, is coming to an end and I have no glimpse into what’s next. As with anything, this feeling of “what now?”, that kept a grip on me for a bit, started to fade away and was soon replaced with peace and somewhat of a surrender. It was enough to give me a break from wasting energy and I naturally gravitated to my tools to explore this concept. Something became clear, though: I was not alone in this. The energies are general, and they have to be explored on a bigger, non-personal stage as they play out, even though they are experienced through the personal.

So here we are, 2022 - the year of The Lovers! Looking at this from the tarot - the archetype - perspective, it gave me a lot more understanding and

breakdown of what the newness of this year is. I’ve explored this card from many angles, yet it still seems bottomless. The energies that pop out are these:

Depolarization of duality. No matter how this sounds, I feel, it’s summing it up! The environment currently is an exercise - it’s giving us the opportunity to look at extremes and analyze our own responses. After some back and forth in thoughts and emotions in that space, it’s inviting us onto another level of connection and love independent of personal preferences. This is that idea again - child-like state. Children’s eyes and heart but adult brain. This is a big shift and I’m starting to recognize it. It’s about being comfortable next to a big polarizing idea. It’s about not feeling the need to defend or explain your position on a matter. It’s about honoring the other for what they think it’s best and allowing their own exploration of what is, as you do as well. One day, you start to see and accept the world for what it is, and it no longer triggers the buttons. Duality has become soft(er).

Balance. The child-like state perspective can be achieved more easily when we’re in balance; or quite possible, only when in balance. Balance requires knowing oneself or at least the effort to pay attention to oneself. If not in balance, the energies of this year will strive to bring balance. Some people are strong and stubborn; it can take a lot of events and reflection for them to finally look at their imbalances and realize: it is from the inside out. Another pointer here, is the balance of the masculine and feminine energies. The feminine has been on the rise for some years now but the effects of it are materializing this year in an apparent way. This is another subject in itself, and may I suggest watching for a few feminine traits that might show up stronger than ever: the need for connection, empathy, expressing bottled emotions, creativity, passive resistance, justice, more awareness. This energy is very fluid - it changes based on what the moment brings. This shakes up our constructs of processes and order and “how things are and have been done” and brings about - willfully or kicking and screaming - the awareness to be in the moment and do what’s right. This alone makes 2022 a very interesting and exciting year.

Introspection and healing. Everything I’ve discussed so far requires healing and self-reflection - it makes sense then, that the Hermit is present in this card. We can achieve open, child-like states if we are healed of our own shortcomings and conditionings. We’re invited to purposely give attention and time to our feelings, thoughts and responses, and not take this task lightly. We each heal in our own way - often it’s a natural progression just by the passing of time. This period in time, however, we might need tools, persistence and awareness as the push to heal will feel more like a pressure that won’t ease unless the issue has been shifted into a higher vibration. The need for balance will ask for “hermit moments”!

Unconditional love. It probably doesn’t matter which angle one takes - unifying duality and falling into unconditional love or stepping into the larger spectrum of love, and duality will unify. Maybe unconditional love is a skill. Maybe we just need practice taking that feeling from the meditative state into the material life. If we do that enough, we’ll be confused which is which but we’ll know for sure, we’re still in love. When in love, we cannot respond to a “blow” with another "blow” or low vibrations with more low vibrations. This is the state of harmony, fulfillment, abundance and ultimate balance. This will transform one’s world and everyone else’s. When we think “unconditional love”, in the same split second somewhere in the back of the mind, we relate it to unobtanium. The point is to better ourselves with each opportunity we have, at whatever level we’re at, and dissolve the ideas of “absolutes” and “perfectionism” to shift into our own NOWs. Who knows what we’ll discover there?

Relationships. The energy of the lovers most often plays itself out through relationships. They serve a powerful mirror and an easy way to see what we need and want, our imbalances, our stand on duality … all of it. Because it’s powerful, it can also be the most difficult area of our lives to work within. Relationships take the role of inducing transformation. We’re being influenced, pulled, and pushed by others until we’re “forced” to look within and find our own balance and our own source of love. It’s a constant game of inward and outward and hopefully “the players” can grow together into a magnetism that’s powered by joy. The joy of experiencing life and the pleasure of sharing it together.

Community. Better people, better community. I have a feeling that I can't fully define - 2022 is a huge community centered year. Maybe we’re realizing that we need each other to transform and find our balance together. Our social stage in the past two years also provided us a better definition on how and with whom we’d like to spend our time. People are desiring and extending themselves towards meaningful connections. Our community will be our extended “frequency bubble” in which we’d like to operate in. It has already begun and will continue to get more difficult to connect with people that hold a frequency that’s too apart from ours.

As I started to take in this energy - as a whole, not from a broken down, rational perspective - it brought in strength, confidence, and excitement for all this NEW. Then, the realization set in that we are whole, and all these concepts and energies are already accessible within us. What if we allow that, then, to seep through and provide a much gentler integration to the “I” experience? We truly are all in this one together and we shall play it out the best we can. One more thought I so adore and associate now with this card is from a wise, dear friend: remember as you transform and heal, and step into your own strength and balance, to do so with grace, as there is no point in creating more suffering in that process.

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