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Blog 10: Unity Consciousness - First Impressions

We have indeed stepped into a new aeon. I’m writing these words in the 2 weeks period between the solar eclipse of October 2023 and the lunar eclipse. The changes in perception are palpable. The bodies are working hard at stabilizing the full-on voltage; and yet, despite the struggle and confusion, there is a type of magic in the air that is distinct from any other integration period. The animals are much more active and interactive. The sun and cloud patterns put on a magical show and there’s this golden hue creating an atmosphere of a different world. Because it is! And the unfolding of it will blow our minds. It’s hard not to be in awe - a lot.

These days feel very much like a completed cycle of an intense and detailed journey. To give a little context, I’ve been studying The Lovers card, major arcana number 6 in tarot (2+0+2+2) - for the whole last year- followed by its application in the physical - this year. A lot of my attention was dedicated to this card, which symbolizes the harmonious union of opposites. It’s been playing out in many forms, from many perspectives, in astonishing detail, and, even though it was a lot and quite intense for me, I now understand that this subject is indeed that complex and there’s no shortcut to getting it. It was a pre-requisite for today; duality had to be integrated into the heart for us to hold the awareness to watch this great unfolding. And so, I’m going to attempt to summarize my understanding of the numerous situations that came about these (almost) 2 years to paint the context for what I see that’s unfolding today.

Duality is a movement, an action, between the negative and positive polarized “thing”, with varying amplitude determined by the emotional charge projected. The best symbol to describe this is the pendulum. With the attention on that movement, which can be quite engaging indeed, it’s very difficult to see that one is actually moving. And one is moving all the time. For many, the movement is the normal, the only thing that is known. Depending on the discussion, I also call this state hypnotic. Except, we’re engaged in quite a few pendulums at all times, with few people or many people, and all kinds of varying types of consciousnesses. Meditation, or stillness, will create the background for that movement to become noticeable. Non-engagement, non-reaction, will significantly decrease the amplitude of the pendulum and, if stillness can be maintained, the pendulum can be even stopped (if it’s a simple one). Questioning every thought will also create clarity within causing disturbances in the pendulum’s attachment. Other fundamental concepts to describe our daily engagement in duality (unaware, of course) are judgment, comparisons, compromises, resonating … anything that will create separation or distinction. As soon as some sort of judgment is made upon an observation, that “thing” has been positively or negatively charged. That charge will call in its opposite magnetic reflection - because that’s the physics of this space-time - and so the movement keeps going over days, years, decades, lifetimes … eons.

The epitome of duality, at least in my experience, is the concept of male and female. The identity is strong with this one, for very fundamental reasons of course, but the added complexity is due to the extra axis - the shadow side of each. It took me a decade to realize that whenever one aspect emerges and changes, there are other 3 (not 1) that will re-balance in turn. I will tell the unfolding in the sequence it happened to me but I don’t think the order is too important for a general discussion:

As a collective, we’ve been playing heavily within the masculine energy - it’s no matter here how long that went on - but in recent years (whatever that means as well), we’ve been touching the extreme walls of that exploration. This was my default.

The emergence of the feminine (also within a relative and personal time frame) was a clear first awakening. I was aware enough at that time to feel the planetary feminine energy rising, plus the overlap of my personal growth into womanhood and motherhood, I’m sure, played a significant part as well. I remember being amazed at how good I was feeling in my body. I was liking my body, I was happy to have a woman’s body and I was trusting it to know how to birth healthy babies. Once this newness fully integrated, friction within started to build thinking it was the feminine shadow. Maybe it was my concern about what uncontrollable craziness such energy can create if it comes about too fast and furious, or maybe it was my effort to calm it as it emerged - I don’t know. I worked on my feminine side for years thinking it was out of balance, blaming it (very gently and steadily) on all the things that weren’t balanced within, and most of my relationship trials. And one day (one moment actually), in meditation, it became crystal clear that the feminine was balanced, and smiling at me, with unlimited patience (of course) and the most gentle of understanding, looking over the wounded masculine next to her. The shadow masculine was having a difficult time balancing, creating space for co-creation. It didn’t know how to be a team player, how this new give-and-take could possibly work, or how this new type of communication (which involves a lot more listening) could go. Releasing control in a very new dynamic was a real struggle within myself but having this clarity alone, I was able to work through this stage at a much faster pace. Without going into the back-and-forth projections of these energies, the main idea I was working out, was the balance between the feminine and the masculine. It was the balance in duality - neutrality.

Neutrality is a great place to be on that axis between the two poles. It felt like I conquered the duality game. It wasn’t too long-lived before the next opening in understanding. Even though neutral is a great “accomplishment”, it still lies in the same plane as the positive and the negative. For the next level of growth to occur, the point of view has to physically be located in another plane. The best words to describe that new POV are androgynous consciousness. When the feminine and masculine energies unite, they create a One, not a balance, as this would still imply a two. Typically, this type of duality creates a very strong attachment, as biology is perceived so fundamental to our identity. And so, when the two morph, the perception is bent to such a degree that we understand their unity = receptivity and action, being and doing, creativity and structure - as happening at the same time. They are so intertwined that it’s hard to tell them apart. If you could tell them apart, you wouldn’t care because where they come from, is all One anyway. And when this happens, whatever body you happen to have, seems to become unimportant, yet you have immense honor for it. The full spectrum of understanding experience can happen now in a very broad spectrum kind of way, yet it is happening in a very particular way. Which is so cool.

As a result of this androgynous consciousness moving through the collective, I’m amazed over and over again at the vast scenarios of its interpretation and embodiment. If before being in a relationship was difficult, now it’s being felt at a whole new level. Simply put, the frequency of the collective has been heightened to the next level and the call is now out there for the individual to unite their personal feminine and masculine. Relationships can be very effective interactions to accelerate that personal union within. Relationships are clear projectors of our shadows; paying attention to those reflections - meaning, not taking conflict personally but taking out the clues from the interactions - will rapidly move one through this stage. It’s time to surrender the ideas of being in a relationship or being single - as any type of judgment or categorization of a person. It doesn’t mean anything to the higher mind. We have to understand that relationships are being transformed from “the pair”, or “the significant other” type to being one - like everything else. And that requires the individuals to perceive themselves as whole. Their (subconscious) intent in a relationship is no longer to need something, or cling to the other to complete them, but simply to share this experience. If a break, or a pause, is experienced in the flow of relationships - from where I’m sitting - it makes great sense. Sometimes, we need space and time to integrate and recalibrate, especially something this gigantuous, before the next step unfolds. Holding a larger perspective - like the mechanics of deep, collective energy integration - is much more contextual than making it about a personal experience only.

Another very curious perception that’s occurring, as this energy integrates, is how the body becomes … farther, maybe even separate, you can say, than ever before … still within the understanding of this particular unity, though. And thus, this paradox emerged - as a quite comfortable idea. The body is the expression and the experience through the senses but the perception happens within this united consciousness without the need to separate, catalog, define, and so on. The freedom that emanated from this realization, quickly unfolded the realm of paradoxes … because a greater Unity was integrating, beyond male and female energies. The seeming paradox within Unity Consciousness is a must occurrence - it’s a proof - otherwise, it wouldn’t be beyond the 3 dimensions. We would still be able to “wrap our mind” around it.

The unfolding of this new aeon will teach us many things and at an ever-accelerating pace. It’s been quite magical already and full of awe and gratitude, and it will take all of our observations to start making sense of it. Because it’s unbelievably miraculous. We have to convince each other that it’s real. Conceptually, we know these themes, and yet, when they do indeed start playing out, the learning is very much from the beginning. Like that, I’m watching the unfolding of this new energy and notice that the concept of harmony is the ruling theme. I created this idea of Unity Equation to help me linearize this concept and make it easier to talk about. So by definition, whatever is going on within this equation, the result is always a whole - a root unity, or the All unity. The beauty of it - the magical, majestic immensity - is that it does so harmoniously. Lovingly. Efficiently. (looking back, it feels that this understanding was what I was missing all along - not having enough insight to be able to hang up control. maybe). As this unfolds, trust will be transformed into knowing (more rapidly) as our intuition is stronger and the experiences more impersonal. The experience will truly be happening for us, not to us, and the knowing of a collective highest good solution is more readily available. This Unity Equation will serve as that working solution because in this higher mind, the words are symbolic representations of a desired frequency output and so are the actions in association. The words and actions will be what they need to be in order for the outcome equation to be in complete harmony, whole. There is no karma and it will “leave no trace” to the environment; it’s simply a dance of experience. Things will be fluid and contextual. And yet, to a 3D eye, certain words and actions … will arguably be “good” or “positive” or “supportive” or whatever else. It’s a new understanding of love, one that’s so expansive that we can’t comprehend the individual movements within it - especially if the focus is microscopic. The interconnectivity is going to blow our circuits; awe will be our regular state. Judgments will expand (if not eradicated) to encompass a much wider playing field - perception and perspective playing a very crucial role in defining the new morality. What is white and what is black will have to be defined within the relative points of view, not absolute. Because there’s a whole new axis to the game!

And so, as these ideas stabilize in the body and we start identifying with this Unity Consciousness a bit more, we also see that the outer world being projected is independent of the inner world. Or I should say, it CAN be. The individual heart consciousness already took charge of the higher intent and is moving through the Unity Equation leaving your 3D mind questioning, how come this is so?, does that really resonate?, why did this happen like that?, and whatever else … until it catches up in personal reviews and epiphanies of things magically resolving themselves to the highest good possible. You’re left feeling bewildered, possibly understanding you’re living in a magical space. Seems the next question to really think about is: how much involvement would you like to have?

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