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Blog 14: What Is My Purpose?

I feel Spirit struggle with the question. It’s coming back with “this is N/A”. It felt like, if there is a question there, it’s not formulated the right way. The way we ask “What is my purpose?” refers to something grand, outside of ourselves that we hold above our heads - sort of like the North Star - that we can then work hard for and towards. It’s the carrot conditioning to produce another something that we haven’t quite detoxed yet!

But see, we’re no longer in that energy and all of a sudden “But, what’s my purpose?!” sounds out of place. Because we became bigger than “it”. Purpose is no longer around us, separate from us …  or somewhere far away; we are large enough, now, where the idea of “purpose” is encompassed by our perception. From this expansion, you can’t point to it, want it, or easily talk about it - you can’t single it out. Hm?! You can no longer separate it from you, no! Or not easily and even then, not completely or specifically. You keep working on articulating it, better and better but that too, can just keep going and you’d never arrive at a definite conclusion! 

What if I told you that purpose is the moment? Would that satisfy you? Would that feel like a glass of water on a hot day? Ok, how about … it’s all the moments. 🙂 If you’re looking for a concrete, absolute but still, personal definition of this idea, is it possible that you think of yourself as finite or absolute?

Purpose is an alignment to frequencies - to needs, desires - to movement, to others. It’s multi-dimensional. Remember, we are not independent beings - we are individuals, yes, but always in relathionship! We are connected, inter-connected, related, obligated, correlated, affiliated, associated … to each other and the planet, the cosmos. When our perception operates outside of that knowing, from identity consciousness, the question makes sense. 

At this time, our perception is starting to shift into the experience of Oness. We are becoming aware of each other in tangible ways - we feel each other in the same wave, within a certain bandwidth. This theme might come up for questioning, for more evidence! So yes,  question it hard and start seeing it for yourself.

The unity is becoming real and from that context we’re moving into responding, helping, assisting, collaborating … creating. Purpose is translating into the delight of being useful to each other, to animals, and to the planet. It’s becoming so simple, so effortless. Purpose can be found in each moment - because now, the moment has power - and you know that extending a smile is not simply extending a smile - it’s a vibrational reach into another with “I see you”. If it’s genuine, that can be felt, and can change someone’s day. And you are now better because they are better. 

One purpose cannot be better, or more meaningful, than another, you see. It’s not quantifiable like that. It’s all a flow, of different amplitudes, yes. We step in and out. We engage whenever we feel inspired to express and then we’re done expressing. It doesn’t even have to have an ending or a conclusion, or a clear beginning, for that matter. There are no wrong purposes. And it’s all because we’re becoming more free in these ideas, free within ourselves, bold in what we want to experience. And so, purpose will forever expand with our definition of ourselves. 

Swapping that around, maybe look at how you are defining yourself by how you look at purpose. When you’re into your aligned, expanded self, you’re already whole, you’re already enough. There’s nothing to be done, or accomplished. And yet, also from that state, if there is an exchange to be had, something to be experienced, a movement to be taken, then that’s an extra joy to an already great experience. Once that perception becomes reality - not just within a meditative exercise - then purpose will become one with your flow and the question will feel like N/A. Until then and beyond, the discovery of it all is still amazing! 

Happy surfing!

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