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Blog 15: Still "You", But In "The Other"

Who is “the other” but you as the opposite … or a good degree of different. But when it’s the opposite, it’s extra spicy. They know which buttons to push. Precisely. With Accuracy. And perfect timing. How can this be possible? If you think this is external and random … just think of what the chances are for you to meet another who knows you so well but reversed. And how can that be possible that so many of us have that scenario play out? I can’t do the math on that, just intuitively thinking … serendipitously, that is not statistically probable. So then, what is it?

Well, of course, it’s you! It’s the “I” reflected straight back. The trick is in the holding that duality, that balance of opposites all with way within the paradox of the union.  Spirit warms us up with concepts, you see - like at the beginning of a spiritual workout. First, it gives us this balance between good and bad. We realize, after many lessons and spirals that whatever “good” and “bad” is, is only the meaning, the connotation, the judgement we label people, scenarios, things. Then it steps it up to something more fundamental - the balance of the feminine and masculine. Once the balance is achieved even within the feminine and masculine themselves, then the union and sacred dance between these two creation forces happen. It’s magical and beautiful! And then … 

Then, it’s application. We have to ground that. It has to be played out if we hold it enough time within our mental, emotional bodies. And when it arrives within the environment - on the stage of the material - well, let’s just say, it’s very helpful to recognize it. When the opposite you shows up, are you triggered? But are you triggered … kinda, sorta …  to your core, but without great justification of actual happenings of events? Is the triggering extreme enough to make you go into Hermit mode and start the introspection process? Well …  when it is a yes … because it’s only a matter of time - congratulations! You have arrived at the pit of darkness. Now you’re paying attention! Notice that, when you extended yourself so high that you were on top of your highs … that was acceptable although the attention of the happenings was not rightfully there. The other - whether a twin flame or some sort or whatever words you want to give it for a way of conversation - is you stretching yourself out the other way, where we wouldn’t (yet) take ourselves, willingly. (Still holding on a bit to connotations and such attachments). 

I was so fascinated and curious who this “other” is, that under hypnosis, I looked. And it felt like nothing. I couldn’t define it, I had a hard time putting a name to it … it was once again that feeling of “it just is”. But now I know and it’s mindblowing, indeed. How is it flesh, I have no idea. The only other explanation is this dream state we are in - the holographic projection of a higher mind and the sensations add an extra element of realness that’s hard to shake. 

My conclusion, for now, is that the “other” cannot be anything else but your mechanism of expansion. It is in service to “you” (whoever “you” are). If you flow, the other has to be fixed. If you are cosmic in nature, the other has to be micro. It’s the perfect balance that just is and luckily, our reactions and interpretations of it, and the corresponding emanations play such a little effect in the larger scheme of things, that it doesn’t really matter how we interpret people and situations and everything else. The decision and actions and following determinations do, so take your time wallowing into the reactions, all the way to exhaustion (if you must). Then with clarity, make your choices. The trick, at this junction, is the continuing holding of the paradox of the other as an external being in flesh, separate from yourself, with the entanglement of them being you - totally and without question. When that holding comes into a sort of stability, a natural allowing of  life force is much more freeer to flow through you. The vessel of transmission is apparent and an obvious relaxation comes about - like it has always been there. And then you know and the full embrace of “but it must be so” come over. 

And so, there’s no other. And it’s hilarious indeed because I got nothing new for you. Again! 

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