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Blog 12: Integrating The Limitless You

Stay still. So still that you can barely feel yourself breathing. Within the stillness, a great integration is taking place. A new galaxy with different physics from what you KNOW is developing within. New realities are emerging. Be still and watch. Feel it unfold. And then, be mesmerized when you open your eyes to find your physical body there. Confusion rolls over - what even is this thing?

You might not get IT as it sets in; you might not understand as it’s approaching but worry not, it will push and prod, then, maybe, release only to start pushing again, until IT settles for you to see clearly. Can it be even true? Can it even be possible or am I going insane? Again! Reality is loosening and grand ideas come in. Like this limitless understanding that’s becoming more real than the body itself. How do you integrate that within? How do you console the fact that the body IS,  somehow, but you’re not IT. It’s not even the body - the body on the inside is clear. It’s limitless and it’s a universe, galactic events are happening. The issue is the skin - what is this skin and how is it possible to contain such a thing as this limitless body? What you feel within is real but the stuff on the outside is becoming weird. It’s like the skin in video games to make code look presentable. It’s the skin that marks a delimitation but what’s inside is not what we’ve been told. The body is more like “a body of planets” - a dance of cosmic forces. What do you think your liver is? Every surface is yet another skin, another dress-up of what’s really inside - which is this event of galaxies forming. The irony is too much to take in. I can’t even formulate the next sentence because where can one start? 

As within so without - just came up. I’ll take it. Long pause to sit with this a while longer. The give and take, expansion and contraction ..  we’re being created as we create IT. There can’t be a separation. Full stop. Because there can’t be any other words after “separation”. From this vantage point then, I ask “What am I?” I notice the change - I usually ask myself “Who am I” but it’s clear that the what creates the who, so I adjusted. I can’t be a thing because that’s only a vibrational state of matter. I can only be the residual energy - the Zero Point Field. I can only be the constant movement that cannot be stopped by environmental conditions, as both environment and the condition are established by this energy. It’s also known as stillness or darkness - all words associated with some sort of a static void. The irony is at every corner! The energy is so alert, so attentive, so aware, so intelligent, so gentle. So omnipresent! that you can’t see it. And of course, it is so - how well can you see the forest when you’re taking a walk through it?

The sting in this matter is the emotional rubber hitting the pavement. The friction, the heat, the melting, the evaporating. When these ideas start rolling in, you can work with the confusion turning into instability; you start reaching out, grabbing for a book, viewing another video, whatever it is and that works for a bit. You know something is working its way through; not sure what’s going on exactly but then you turn the corner and you’ve become an emotional spaghetti.  It’s definitely getting closer. For me, I became very sensitive and needy and in want of recognition. Within minutes, my friend passed on a compliment that her 7 yr old said about me. After a few more minutes, another friend shares her appreciation for me - both of these out of the blue, at the moment when my soul was soo longing to be seen, to be witnessed. That’s all it took for that emotion to hit the pavement. Next, I’m in my office, crying my eyes out for 2 hrs releasing, surrendering to something, as I can’t even describe what’s going on. I simply felt and felt and rolled with it, as you can’t do much else until it’s done.

It’s a lot easier to wrap your head around the concept of one life, one death, “seeing is believing”, and that type of linear thinking. There’s a beginning and an end, and it all happens in time, one sequence after another. When we start to dab into limitless concepts, we can throw it around for a bit as long as it’s just some words. When it gets closer to the understanding as a “real” thing - closer to the body, to a knowing within - we start to have trouble with its meaning. The implication of it. More so, the implication of the body … what is its use now? There’s a freedom that’s so grand, outside of obligations of gravity and yet, the body is wrapped in the skin. It’s like the body is so capable but this skin … the skin is the issue because it’s the barrier of what is seen. When you close your eyes, the body could do more and it’s doing more but the issue is when the skin is seen by the eyes, it’s somehow obliged to do what it's supposed to. 

Pain used to be very grounding for me; now, it’s not even the body experiencing pain, it’s like something that I feel. Everything just IS. Perhaps a sharper pain would bring that groundedness back but I didn’t try. 

There’s no more role and known and purpose and going and doing. Things just ARE. It’s becoming so simple, there’s nothing to ponder, nothing to talk about. It just IS. The integration of limitless brings about a great nostalgia for being limited. Ah, the time of being constricted by the veil, by the soul by the skin. The nostalgia is tied in emotionally, with an energy of inertia. The combination of the two pulls you into a great compression - a confusion of the established reality with the newfound knowing of the Limitless. The reaction of the individual is a natural one, in needing to be seen and valued (it probably worked very hard to become the character). That character exists and it’s real too! But what will happen to it in the Limitless?

At this point in consciousness, there’s no more individuality - there’s only interconnectedness. There’s nowhere to hide in your singleness. There’s only vastness with these pieces of awareness coming up without separation. This sensation came up of wanting to be drunk but not feeling like drinking. Nothing is comforting any longer because you are limitless, so what can possibly comfort you? And yet the stuff that’s being seen - if it’s yours or the collective’s, doesn’t make a difference - is with you. It’s just there and doesn’t even need to be identified and named; it IS and it doesn’t ask for fixing. It’s just there. There’s an underlayment of acceptance - things are. Limitless means integration of the ALL, there’s no better or worse. It’s all pieces of me, unifying - a freedom in perception from dualistic judgment WITHIN; the mother of acceptance for eons in every direction. Everything touching and influencing everything. If you can overcome the inertia, and that compression on the individual, then you can claim yourself as the constant movement - the being. You’re the verb and the noun but the noun can change into whatever the verb becomes it, at the direction of the noun. Or something like that. 

So, here we are then! It’s so big you can’t even … you just can’t. It simply just IS!

Have a beautiful life.

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